Our goal is to entertain you with backcountry adventures and inspiring riders around the world. We have a background as sledders, snowboarders, freeskiers and dirtriders since the 80’s, and we travel worldwide to explore epic mountains and meet other great riders. We love sledding and we created Freerider Snowmobile Magazine to share this lifestyle with others.

Our readers love our high quality printed magazines, so do we, and nothing can really beat the feeling of looking through those glossy pages with breathtaking photos. More and more people start to consume media solely through internet, and in order to adapt to that, we have decided to develop Freerider Snowmobile Magazine into an online magazine. We are an entertaining company and we have to make use of today’s technology to reach out to all you sled riders out there.

Freerider TV is our new media channel that will be exclusively for sled videos and films, featuring great riders and backcountry adventures around the world. We are currently working on a new series of documentary action films that will be released soon. Find out more at and on our new Youtube channel.

Freerider Snowmobile Magazine and Freerider TV is created by Rockside Media, photographer Hans Wardell and a great team of writers and photographers around the world. We have been creating and producing magazines and other media for 15 years and a lot of the work have been in the snowmobile industry. Our goal is to keep on entertaining people around the world with great photography, inspiring stories, videos and films.

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